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Dedicated Servers and Colocation Hosting Singapore Data Center & Managed Hosting Services. Transforming your industry requires a cloud provider that has done the same. SoftLayer provides virtual and bare metal server hosting with the scalability, control, performance, and global footprint that growing, demanding online services require.

Whether you're a multinational corporation implementing virtualized desktops for employees, or a SaaS provider migrating from an all-public to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, you’ll benefit from the dense interconnections available inside Equinix. You'll also benefit by distributing your data centers across different regions to ensure high availability of services and faster application response times.

Where do the industry’s leading cloud services providers (CSPs) go to host their solutions? According to Talkin’ Cloud’s 2014 Edition of the Top 100 Cloud Services Providers, 68% choose colocation centers. And what’s not to like? The benefits and economies of scale you can realize by hosting your cloud services at a colocation facility are huge. But before we dive into the reasons colocation facilities are so attractive for hosting cloud services, let’s talk about the key SaaS services these leading CSPs are delivering to their customers and why these types of applications can play a deciding role in where CSPs choose to host them.

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